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ProtectionStones 1.14

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About This File


Cerinte minime:

  • WorldGuard 7+
  • WorldEdit 7+
  • Vault (Optional)



 /ps get [block] - Get a protection stone. Can be charged with currency set in the config (requires Vault)

/ps give [block] [player] - Give a protection stone to another player as admin (free).
/ps info members|owners|flags - Use this command inside a ps region to see more information about it.
/ps add|remove [playername] - Use this command to add or remove a member of your protected region.
/ps addowner|removeowner [playername] - Use this command to add or remove an owner of your protected region.
/ps flag [flagname] [setting|default] - Use this command to set a flag in your protected region.
/ps hide|unhide - Use this command to hide or unhide your protectionstones block.
/ps home [num] - Teleports you to one of your protected regions.
/ps sethome - Set the home location of an owned region.
/ps tp [player] [num] - Teleports you to one of a given player's regions.
/ps toggle - Use this command to turn on or off placement of protection stones blocks.
/ps view - Use this command to view the borders of a protected region.
/ps unclaim - Use this command to pickup a placed protection stone and remove the region.
/ps priority [number|null] - Use this command to set your region's priority.
/ps region count|list|remove|disown [playername] - Use this command to find
information or edit other players' (or your own) protected regions.
/ps count [playername (optional)] - Count the number of regions you own or another player.
/ps admin [version|settings|hide|unhide|cleanup|lastlogon|lastlogons|stats|fixregions] - This is an admin command showing different stats and allowing to override other player's regions.
/ps reload - Reload settings from the config.



 protectionstones.create - Protect a region by placing a ProtectionStones block.

protectionstones.destroy - Allow players to remove their own protected regions (block break).
protectionstones.unclaim - Allow players to unclaim their region using /ps unclaim.
protectionstones.get - Allows players the use of /ps get.
protectionstones.view - Allows players the use of /ps view.
protectionstones.info - Allows players the use of /ps info.
protectionstones.count - Allows players the use of /ps count.
protectionstones.count.others - Allows players the use of /ps count [player].
protectionstones.hide - Allow players to hide their ProtectionStones block.
protectionstones.unhide - Allow players to unhide their ProtectionStones block.
protectionstones.home - Access to the /ps home command.
protectionstones.sethome - Access to /ps sethome.
protectionstones.tp - Access to /ps tp command.
protectionstones.tp.bypasswait - Bypass the wait time set in the config for /ps home and /ps tp
protectionstones.tp.bypassprevent - Bypass prevent_teleport_in option in config
protectionstones.priority - Allows players to set their region's priority.
protectionstones.owners - Allows players to add or remove region owners. Allows players to use /ps info owners command.
protectionstones.members - Allows players to add or remove region members. Allows players to use /ps info members command.
protectionstones.flags - Allows players to set their region flags.
protectionstones.toggle - Allows players to toggle ProtectionStones placement.
protectionstones.region - Allows players to use the /ps region commands.
protectionstones.give - Allows players the use of /ps give (give protectionstones to others as admin).
protectionstones.admin - This permission allows users to override all ProtectionStones regions and use /ps admin and /ps reload.
protectionstones.limit.x - Replace x with a limit for players' protected regions.
If you don't want a limit, do not give this permission. x can only be replaced with an integer number.
protectionstones.superowner - Allows players to override region permissions.


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